Richard Holm

Senior Consultant (AdSTM)
Core Competencies: 

Engineer, instructor and supervisor with 40 years of experience in the nuclear industry.  Comprehensive knowledge and experience in operation, regulatory environment, licensing, training and decommissioning of research reactors and nuclear research facilities.  Areas of expertise in the nuclear field:

  • Research Reactor Licensing
  • NRC Regulations
  • Research Reactor Inspections
  • Training, Course Development & Instruction
  • Research Reactor Management & Operations
  • Decommissioning Preparation & Practices
Career Highlights: 
Advanced Systems Technology and Management, Inc. (AdSTM)
2015 - Present

Provide technical support for the International Regulatory Development Partnership and other projects. Co-developed workshop on USNRC Regulation of Research and Test Reactors and Regulatory Inspections of Research and Test Reactors. Provided support for workshop on Small Modular Reactors. Conducted US Nuclear Regulatory Commission sponsored workshops for regulatory bodies as part of the International Regulatory Development Partnership (IRDP) centered on aspects of research and test reactor regulation. This has included workshops for nuclear regulatory authorities of Vietnam, regulators from the member countries of the Arab Atomic Energy Agency, Peru, Thailand, and the Forum of Nuclear Regulatory Bodies from Africa which included Ghana, Burkina Faso, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cote D’Ivoire, Ghana, Madagascar, Morocco, Nigeria and Senegal. The workshops have involved knowledge transfer of regulatory practices related to research reactors, specifically licensing processes, inspection programs, emergency plan inspection and review, licensing renewal, facility modifications, inspector qualification programs and enforcement.

Research Engineer/Instructor, Department of Nuclear Plasma and Radiological Engineering, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL
2012 - Present

Developed course and provide instruction of Decontamination and Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities; updated, overhauled, and taught course in Nuclear Power Economics and Fuel Management, and developed and taught class on Nuclear Power Operations covering NRC Regulations, licensing and balance of plant operations. Responsible for safety issues within the Department’s laboratories. Perform special projects as required by the Head, Department of Nuclear Plasma and Radiological Engineering.

Decommissioning Manager - University of Illinois Advanced Triga Reactor Facility
2010 - 2012

Provided University management of contractor operations and interface with Nuclear Regulatory Commission and other interested parties during decommissioning. Responsible for regulatory compliance, safety review, procedure approval and compliance with bid specifications.

Reactor Administrator, University of Illinois Advanced Triga, Urbana, Illinois
1990 - 2012

Responsible for all aspects of the operation and safety of the University of Illinois Advanced TRIGA and LOPRA nuclear reactors including the following: compliance with Technical Specifications and Federal regulations, license amendments, safety evaluations, emergency planning and security, equipment/system design changes and experiment review and authorization. Write surveillance and repair procedures, maintain associated records. Prepared and presented lectures on nuclear related material. Developed task oriented training and requalification program for reactor operators. Created and maintained database tracking system for surveillances, sample irradiations and billing. Extensive problem solving skills. Coordinated activities between individuals with diverse personalities. Developed and coordinated bid criteria and proposals for reactor site characterization, decommissioning plan development and contractor proposals for active decommissioning of the reactor.

Director, Engineering Office Of Safety, College Of Engineering, University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois
2007 - 2012

Provide oversight and coordination of the general safety programs for units within the College of Engineering. Act as point of contact for the Division of Research Safety and the Division of Safety and Compliance for the COE. Responsible for periodic inspections of COE laboratory spaces. Developed and assisted with building emergency plans for the College. Provide review of experiment proposal/setup for safety issues. Provide review and coordination of safety aspects of Engineering Open House. Coordinated activities on campus involving the Department of Homeland Security and Engineering units.

Assistant To The Dean, College of Engineering, University of Illinois
2000 - 2006

Responsible for development and implementation of special projects associated with the Dean’s Office including faculty coordination, budget and reporting. Projects included: Center for Trustworthy Networked Systems; Coordinating faculty team for 7 World Trade Center Security Technology project; Development of the Illinois Program for Security Technology including promotional materials; development of an enhancement plan for Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Crane Bay; developed background material for NAS study of Risk-Based Endpoints for disposal of High Level Radioactive Waste and Transuranic Waste. Developed proposals for mergers of departments for UIUC Senate approval.

Training Consultant, Northern States Power Company, Monticello Nuclear Generating Facility, Monticello, Minnesota

Developed training programs in chemistry and health physics for engineering and technical staff indoctrination for Institute of Nuclear Power Operations accreditation.

Machinest Mate First Class – Nuclear Trained, United States Navy
1976 - 1984

Supervised 25 men in chemical and radiological controls as a Leading Engineering Laboratory Technician (ELT) and Staff Training Group ELT. Trained students and staff in chemistry and radiological controls. Qualified Engineering Watch Supervisor. Supervised and performed maintenance on mechanical and hydraulic systems for a nuclear powered submarine. Received Letter of Commendation for contributions while on submarine duty from Commander Submarine Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet.


Doctoral Studies in Nuclear Engineering. Emphasis in Engineering Economics of Commercial Nuclear Power Industry. University of Illinois, Urbana, IL.
Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering. University of Illinois, Urbana, IL; August 1990.
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. Emphasis in Electromechanics, Power Systems and Nuclear Power Conversion. University of Illinois, Urbana, IL; May 1989.