Charlie Miller

Principal Nuclear Safety Consultant (AdSTM)
Core Competencies: 

Chemical Engineer with over 42 years of experience in nuclear reactors and materials, including a number of Senior Executive positions held at the NRC over 31-year tenure. Career at NRC encompassed all aspects of the agency’s regulatory duties including reactors and materials licensing, inspection, rulemaking, and emergency preparedness and response. Following the accident at Fukushima, led the NRC Near Term Task Force which provided recommendations to the Commission for “Enhancing Safety in the 21st Century”. Areas of expertise include:

  • Executive leadership training
  • Organizational structure and staffing
  • Reactor and materials licensing
  • Emergency preparedness and response
  • Inspector Qualification
  • Consensus building
  • Chairing and facilitating workshops 
Career Highlights: 
Advanced Systems Technology and Management, Inc. (AdSTM)
2011 - Present

Principal Nuclear Safety Consultant providing management training and consultancies to developing countries as part of the International Nuclear Regulatory Partnership (IRDP) and the Radiation Source Regulatory Partnership (RSRP). This has included developing and delivering training for regulatory authorities in Indonesia, Thailand, Jordan, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Jamaica, Honduras, Malaysia, Morocco, Philippines, Poland, Romania, and other countries with emergent nuclear programs.

Mitigating Strategy submittals related to post Fukushima orders. Also participated as an expert providing advice to IAEA. Provided assistance to the USNRC in the review of the nuclear power industry’s programs on multiple occasions.

U.S Nuclear Regulatory Commission (U.S. NRC)
1980 - 2011

From 2006 to 2011 was the Director of the Office of Federal, State, Materials and Environmental Management Programs (FSME) providing leadership to Senior Executives, first line supervisors, and approximately 200 staff members who were responsible for the regulation of nuclear materials safety and security, decommissioning of nuclear facilities, uranium recovery, waste storage and disposal, agreement state programs, environmental impact analysis, and associated rulemaking activities. Leading to that assignment were a number of senior executive leadership positions from 1988 to 2006 in nuclear materials safety and security, emergency preparedness and response, health physics, licensing of spent fuel storage facilities and casks, and licensing activities for commercial nuclear power plants.

From 1980 to 1988 held positions as a Technical Reviewer, Project Manager, Technical Assistant, Commissioner’s Assistant, and Section Chief

Science Applications, Inc.
1976 - 1980

From 1976 to 1980 conducted engineering technical evaluations for various fuel cycle contracts for NRC, DOE, and EPA. Included were evaluations for heat transfer from spent nuclear fuel casks disposed in various geological media. During this period, supported DOD contract activity related to radiation protection and dose calculations from weapons testing in the 1950s.

Bechtel Power Corporation
1974 - 1976

Performed engineering technical evaluations for nuclear power plant design in areas of radioactive waste treatment and containment pressure and temperature limits.

Professional Development and Achievements: 

Presidential Meritorious Executive Award, 2004
Licensed Professional Engineer, District of Columbia


PhD, Chemical Engineering, University of Maryland, 1974
MS, Chemical Engineering, University of Maryland, 1971
BS, Engineering, Widener University 1968