Probabilistic Risk Assessment


This is an introductory workshop to provide developing regulatory agencies with basic knowledge about probabilistic risk assessments (PRAs). This workshop is based on the USNRC P-105, “PRA Basics for Regulatory Applications” and, in general, is augmented to be applicable to internal regulators. The workshop is designed to be a start at developing PRA expertise and can be supported by a spectrum of follow-on courses.


The PRA Fundamentals Workshop is a 5-day workshop with integrated exercises. The workshop covers PRA fundamentals and highlights associated principles, programs, applications (including risk-informed regulatory applications), and quality. Students are introduced to fundamental PRA concepts including basic PRA terminology and definitions, objectives, limitations, and strengths of PRA.

The workshop covers the basic structure of an internal and external even Level-1 to Level-3 PRA, the mathematics involved, the spectrum of inputs to a PRA, sources of input information, and the PRA outputs. It provides a healthy perspective of what the outputs do and do not mean. The workshop emphasizes how to apply the outputs in harmony with the results of traditional engineering or deterministic safety assessment for responsible risk-informed decision making. The exercises are designed to encourage student interaction amongst themselves and with the instructors, in order to provide practical involvement from the basic structure level to the application level.

Regulatory Staff and Management

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