Walt Meyer

Senior Consultant (AdSTM)
Core Competencies: 

Engineer with over 40 years of nuclear-related experience in design, operation, licensing and management.  Comprehensive knowledge and experience in the operations/engineering management and licensing of the University of Missouri Research Reactor (MURR), the largest U.S. university research reactor.  Areas of expertise in the nuclear field:

  • Research Reactor Licensing
  • NRC Regulations
  • Research Reactor Safety Analyses
  • Research Reactor Management & Operations
Career Highlights: 
Advanced Systems Technology and Management, Inc. (AdSTM)
2014 - Present

Provided technical support to the Jordan Nuclear Regulatory Commission with respect to technical and safety reviews for the licensing of the Jordan Research and Training Reactor.

Providing technical support to ICF for the Non-power Production or Utilization Facilities (NPUF) rulemaking to streamline the NPUF License Renewal Process. This includes technical support for the revision of relevant documents, such as NUREG-1537, affected by the rulemaking.

Senior Advisor, University of Missouri Research Reactor (MURR)
2012 - 2018

Provided technical assistance for the detailed safety evaluations of new reactor experiments for radiopharmaceutical production, including safety analyses for experiments to produce Mo-99.

Project Manager, RTR Branch/U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
2010 - 2012

Provided project management and technical support for renewal of research reactor operating licenses using the guidance of NUREG-1537. Coordinated the license renewal applications and safety evaluations submitted by five research reactors, with the support of other Project Managers and engineering contractors.

Chief Operating Officer, University of Missouri Research Reactor (MURR)
2002 - 2010

Responsible for all aspects of the operation and utilization of the research reactor, including engineering review of all licensed activities to assure public safety and compliance with USNRC regulations.

Assistant Director, Product and Services Operations, University of Missouri Research Reactor (MURR)
1998 - 2002

Directed the operational aspects of all product and services activities at MURR including radioisotope production, radioisotope processing, analytical chemistry and shipping of radioactive materials.

Reactor Manager, University of Missouri Research Reactor (MURR)
1989 - 1998

Responsible for the safe and efficient use of the research reactor in support of research, education and service. This included responsibility for maintaining the 24/7 operations of the reactor with a single shutdown each week to perform scheduled maintenance and surveillance activities necessary to assure safety and license compliance. Provided oversight of all engineering activities and reactor modifications to assure compliance with 10 CFR 50.59 and 10 CFR 50.90. Assisted with the development of the MURR Training and Requalification Program.

Reactor Operations Engineer, University of Missouri Research Reactor (MURR)
1982 - 1989

Provided direct supervision of the control room operations staff. As part of the engineering team, developed procedures and tooling to perform difficult and complex maintenance activities including replacement of the beryllium reflector. Led the team that developed the MURR Emergency Plan and Procedures which required knowledge and experience with radiological release calculations and evaluations.

Reactor Operator and Senior Reactor Operator, University of Missouri Research Reactor (MURR)
1975 - 1982

Worked on rotating shifts in support of the 24/7 operation of the research reactor.

U.S. Navy
1968 - 1974

Electronics Technician and Reactor Operator, aboard U.S. Navy submarines


MBA (Production/Operations Management, University of Missouri-Columbia, 1984
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, University of Missouri-Columbia, 1980
Registered Professional Engineer, State of Missouri, 1985