RTR On-the-Job (OTJ) Inspection Training


To provide regulatory staff with an on-site mock inspection at a US RTR.


Participants will conduct an On-the-Job inspection exercise at a US RTR for a practical application of USNRC inspection protocols for a typical RTR. The participants will implement the assigned portions of USNRC Inspection Procedure (IP) 69001, “Class II Research and Test Reactors.” Participants will perform a combination of reactor facility examinations and walk-downs, observations of reactor operations, observations and interviews of facility staff as they carry out their normal duties, review of the facility operating license and implementing facility procedures, and review of selected facility records. At least one violation will be manufactured with the intent that participants will discover it during the course of the inspection.

During the inspection exercise, the IRDP instructors will provide instruction, mentoring, background information, and facilitate interactive dialogues with the participants that will focus on USNRC and RTR facility practices relevant to RTR inspections and regulatory oversight practices.

Regulatory Staff and Management

Where this training has been delivered: