John D. Kinneman

Senior Consultant (AdSTM)
Core Competencies: 

Over forty-five (45) years of nuclear and radiation safety-related experience in the operation and regulation of organizations using radioactive materials including radiographers, universities, hospitals, fuel cycle facilities and power reactors.   Significant international experience with developing countries.  Areas of expertise include:

  • Licensing and inspection of variety of organizations using radioactive materials
  • Emergency preparedness and incident investigation
  • Regulation and management of decommissioning     
  • Radiation safety and radioactive material security regulatory policy and rulemaking  
  • Supervision and management of engineering, scientific, and administrative staff
  • Conflict resolution
  • Development and Assessment of Safety Culture
Career Highlights: 
Advanced Systems and Technology Management
2014 - Present

Supports the International Regulatory Development Partnership (IRDP) and the Radiation Sources Regulatory Partnership (RSRP) programs for the USNRC and similar programs for other US Government agencies to assess and improve regulatory programs in developing countries. Represents the USNRC during IAEA training and assessments in various countries.

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
1975 - 2013

Director, Division of Fuel Cycle Facility Safety and Safeguards, 2011-2013

Director, Division of Nuclear Materials Safety, 2008-2011

Deputy Director, Division of Nuclear Materials Safety, 2006-2008

Chief, Materials Security and Industrial Branch, 2004-2006

Chief, Nuclear Materials Safety Branch, 1995-2004

Chief, Research, Development and Decommissioning Section, 1991-1995

Chief, Nuclear Materials Safety Section (Inspection and Licensing), 1980-1991

Radiation Specialist (Health Physics Inspector), 1975-1980

Oversight of safety and compliance issues for nuclear fuel cycle facilities, users of radioactive materials, and power reactors including development, implementation and management of safety programs; regulatory compliance; emergency preparedness and response; accident and incident investigation; readiness reviews; construction and startup evaluation; and public education.  Involved in the development of appropriate Safety Culture, problem identification and resolution, management effectiveness and understanding and resolution of conflict and the improvement of regulatory programs in developing countries.  Presented training on a variety of technical subjects to NRC staff, professional meetings and at courses given by Harvard and Columbia Universities.

Conducted and managed safety reviews of applications for NRC licenses for radioactive materials users (hospitals, universities, fuel facilities and manufacturing facilities).

Responded to accidents and events as an NRC team manager and team member.  

Led and served on IAEA teams that reviewed the regulation of radioactive materials use in developing and developed countries to establish recommendations for improvement in their oversight of radioactive materials.   Team leader for International Atomic Energy Agency Integrated Regulatory Review Service (IRRS) for Viet Nam in 2009 and follow up mission in 2014, Member of International Atomic Energy Agency mission to China to assist in developing a National Strategy for Improving Control Over Radioactive Sources.  Assessed regulatory needs and led the development and implementation of a training program for senior members of the new Ukraine regulatory organization following breakup of the Soviet Union.  Supported the Republic of Serbia in developing regulatory program enhancements and chaired an international meeting on the Safety of Industrial Radiography for IAEA.  Actively supporting the development of regulatory programs in Kazakhstan, Chad, Mauritania, Paraguay, Senegal and other developing countries.

Leadership role in the development of many aspects of the NRC regulatory program for security of radioactive materials including the vulnerability analyses for Panoramic Irradiators and the Additional Security Measures for both Panoramic Irradiators and Manufacturing and Distribution (M&D) Licensees, the Transportation Order and the Increased Control Orders (post September 11).  Supported development and implementation of program to move radioactive material licensing from a centralized headquarters activity to four Regional Offices.  Directed the inspection of security at wide variety of facilities using radioactive materials; provided significant input into the resolution of policy issues associated with security at these programs.   

Significant contributions to the development and implementation of the National Site Decommissioning Management Plan (SDMP).  

Led many public and internal meetings regarding safety issues at nuclear facilities and is recognized as a leader who can address and resolve conflict.  He has led or managed assessment teams that reviewed safety and regulatory issues at NRC licensees and Agreement States.

E.R. Squibb and Sons, Inc.
1971 - 1974

Supervisor, Quality Control, Radiopharmaceutical Production

Managed a staff handling and analyzing large amounts of high activity radiopharmaceuticals. Responsible for safety of up to 18 technicians in handling large amounts of I-131, P-32, Mo-99, Tc-99m and other radioactive materials.

Professional Development and Achievements: 

Member of Senior Executive Service (SES) - 2008 until retirement in 2013
USNRC Meritorious Service Award in Health Physics, 1993
Comprehensive Certification by the American Board of Health Physics since 1982


Graduate Work, Rutgers University, Health Physics and Environmental Science
AB, Biochemistry, Rutgers University