Practical Basics of Civil/Structural, Welding and Non-Destructive Examination, Mechanical, and Electrical


This is an introductory course to provide new regulatory staff with a very basic background in civil/structural, mechanical, electrical, and welding disciplines.


This course is designed to provide the audience with a basic understanding of the practical aspects of the civil and structural, welding and nondestructive examination, mechanical, and electrical disciplines. It uses an extensive suite of pictorial viewgraphs and videos, with substantial discussion of practical knowledge that is derived more from hands-on experience of the instructors than from textbooks or a typical university education. Students become familiar with the various types of nuclear power plant equipment, recognizing the equipment, and what function each performs in the nuclear power plant. Sample generic installation checklists are discussed. If a suitable nuclear power plant is available, then this workshop can be augmented to include a plant walk down. This would be a collaborative activity between the host country regulator, the power plant licensee, and the IRDP team. A small group of regulatory staff would have an opportunity to examine typical equipment using facility documentation and if appropriate, observe on-site staff perform their duties.

Regulatory technical reviewers, inspection staff, project managers, and other staff who may not have a classical engineering degree

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