Reactor Site Application Reviews


To familiarize foreign regulatory technical staff with requirements for reactor siting and the technical guidance for review of a site application to determine whether site characteristics are acceptable for placement of a nuclear reactor.


Covers important aspects of siting, including the likelihood and severity of non-seismic natural and man-made hazards, seismic hazards, and the preparation of the emergency plan. It presents basic concepts, detailed regulatory guidance and practical examples, including specific methods for conducting reviews. Particular emphasis is on the risk significant areas such as reliability of off-site power, seismic hazards and the evacuation time estimates. The course is based on US regulation and IAEA standards. Domestic regulation references include 10CFR part 100, NRR Review Standard RS-002, applicable US NRC RGs and NUREGs, and ASCE/SEI standard.

Regulatory technical staff

Where this training has been delivered: