USNRC Licensing Process


This workshop focuses on the USNRC processes and decisions involved in initial licensing and licensing actions during plant operation. It also provides IAEA perspectives. The purpose is to provide the participants knowledge and insights that they can use in developing or enhancing their regulatory infrastructure for NPP licensing.


This workshop focuses on initial licensing such as review and approval of an application to construct or to operate a nuclear power reactor. It describes the processes and activities supporting regulatory decisions during plant operation such as license amendment requests, change of license basis information, exemptions, etc. It addresses the laws, regulations and guidance that typically govern licensing processes and decisions.

This workshop provides perspectives on development of the human resources necessary to fulfill the regulator’s licensing and oversight responsibilities. It describes the roles, responsibilities, and work ethics of regulatory staff in licensing review and oversight. The format of the workshop is a combination of lecture, discussion and exercises. It requires the active participation of the trainees.

New regulatory staff and management

Where this training has been delivered: