Nuclear Power Plant Resident Inspector Role and Inspection Activities


This workshop provides regulatory agencies with information about the practices of the USNRC Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) resident inspectors and their role and responsibilities for implementing the Reactor Oversite Program inspection activities. For regulatory agencies that have instituted a resident/site inspector function the workshop can be conducted in a benchmarking mode to compare the host regulatory agency and the USNRC NPP resident inspector practices.


This workshop includes detailed presentations and discussions related to the routine inspection and related oversight activities of USNRC resident inspectors. USNRC resident inspector inspection procedures and protocols are presented, including discussions of the bases and evolution of the resident inspector program. The participant’s learning experience about practical aspects of resident inspections is reinforced through NPP in-plant and plant simulator walk-downs if access to those facilities can be made available by the host regulatory agency. Topics covered during the workshop include: Overview of the USNRC Resident Inspector Program; Site Inspector Qualifications and Resources; Reports and other documents produced by site inspectors; Working relationships with specialist inspectors/reviewers from headquarters and the inspector’s involvement in licensing; Expectations and practices for communication with and reporting to headquarters; USNRC NPP Inspection Manual Chapter 2515 operational inspection program with a focus on the associated baseline inspection procedures typically performed by resident inspectors (Appendix A) and Plant Status resident inspector activities (Appendix D); inspector response to transients/accident/emergency situations and event follow-up USNRC Inspection Procedure (IP) 71153; Practices for resident inspector attendance at licensee meetings; Activities and procedures for inspections of the main control room (IMC 2515 Appendix D-07); Activities and procedures for inspections of unplanned outages and related IPs 71153 and 71111.20; Activities and procedures for inspections during planned outages and related IPs 71111.20, 71111.19, and 71111.22; preparation for and conduct of in-plant and simulator walkdowns where access to those facilities is coordinated by the host regulatory agency.

Regulatory Staff and Management