G-RG-S Reactor Siting Risk-Informed Review Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Scope
  3. Methodology and approach
  4. Review procedure
  5. Appendix A: Site characteristics review procedure
  6. Appendix B: Site hazards (non-seismic) review procedure
  7. Appendix C: Seismic hazard review procedure
  8. Appendix D: Emergency planning review procedure
  9. Appendix E: Quantitative and qualitative considerations in site evaluation
  10. Acronyms
  11. References


1. The requirements for approval of a site for construction and operation of a nuclear reactor are contained in the document G-TR-S entitled “Reactor Siting Safety Requirements”. [1] This review guide (G-RG-S) describes how actions taken by the regulator will ensure that these requirements will be met and hence that the appropriate nuclear facility site will be approved.

2.This Reactor Siting Risk-informed Review Guide describes the technical data and safety analyses to be submitted by an applicant for site approval. This guide will assist the regulator and its technical support organization to better understand the principal technical issues involved and thus focus the review efforts on the more safety significant aspects of the planned activities.

This guide is based in part on the experience with similar projects in the United States and the requirements promulgated by the USNRC in its regulation 10CFR100 entitled “Reactor Site Criteria,” [2] and the ancillary detailed guidance documents, such as RS-002 entitled “Processing Applications for Early Site Permits.” [3]

3. The guidance in this document encompasses a variety of possible reactor sites with potentially diverse characteristics. To the extent that the applicant proposes a site with favorable characteristics, the content and scope of the review could be reduced.