Richard Barrett

Principal Systems Analyst (AdSTM)
Core Competencies: 

Trainer, consultant, project manager, technical analyst and expert witness with 45 years of experience in nuclear power plant licensing, emergency response, research and regulatory oversight. Extensive and in-depth understanding of NRC regulations, related guidance and practices, and their implementation for nuclear power reactors.  Proven track record in achieving resolution of high-profile, technically complex regulatory issues. Areas of expertise in nuclear power reactors include:

  • Reactor licensing
  • Reactor safety analysis
  • Probabilistic risk assessment
  • Small-modular and advanced reactors
  • Emergency response
  • Incident investigation
Career Highlights: 
Advanced Systems Technology and Management, Inc. (AdSTM)
2007 - Present

Developed and delivered training for USNRC staff on licensing, technical review and incident investigation.

Conducted US Nuclear Regulatory Commission sponsored workshops for regulatory bodies in Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa. Topics included development of a regulatory infrastructure, conduct of an initial plant licensing review, and review of applications for plant power uprates.

Conducted licensing-readiness reviews for reactor NSSS vendors related to small-modular and liquid metal reactors.

Served as an expert witness in a complex international contract dispute. 

Conducted NRC expert review of containment and control room habitability for licensing of Vogtle and Summer AP-1000 plants.

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (U.S. NRC)
1982 - 2007

Directed the Division of Engineering, with responsibility for licensing reviews across the range of the engineering disciplines for nuclear reactor oversight.  Directed technical staff in the reviews of design certification applications under the Part 52 licensing process.  Directed staff in the review of countless reviews related to license renewal and to the maintenance of operating licenses for US power reactors, including exemptions and license amendments.

Directed NRC licensing activities for 13 commercial nuclear power plants.  Directed the review and management of license amendments, emergency technical specification changes and exemptions.  Managed the issuance of the full operating license for the Dresden 3 plant.

Directed the containment systems branch, with direct management control of reviews in support of Part 52 design certifications and operating reactor license reviews.

Directed the NRC program of risk-informed licensing.  Oversaw the development of methods and processes for applying probabilistic risk assessment to the licensing of nuclear power reactors.

Started up the Future Licensing Office, the precursor to the Office of New Reactors.  Directed development of programs and processes for licensing a new generation of power reactors.

Directed the NRC Emergency Response Center, with responsibility for development of the response program, maintenance of 24/7 operational readiness, and interface with federal agencies, state governments and local officials 

Professional Development and Achievements: 

Presidential Meritorious Executive, 2001
Member, American Nuclear Society


Ph.D., Nuclear Physics, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, 1972
B.S., Physics, University of Scranton, Scranton, PA, 1967