Regulatory Agency Infrastructure

This program element concentrates on assuring that the regulatory agency has the resources it needs to regulate a nuclear power program; namely, an effective organizational structure, a complete complement of qualified staff, and a full range of technical support.

Organizational Structure
A well designed organizational structure is essential to the performance of regulatory functions and activities. In addition, the agency must foster positive organizational characteristics such as independence, a strong safety culture, and adherence to high standards of conduct.

Staffing, Training, and Technical Support
This program element provides recommendations on the number of staff needed for various regulatory activities, the specific technical disciplines that should be represented, and the time in the regulatory cycle when they should be hired.

IRDP develops a training program, makes specific recommendations about courses to be taught, and encourages rotational assignments for staff in countries with mature regulatory programs.

Regulatory agencies will need outside technical support to perform some regulatory functions. IRDP provides guidance on what type of technical support is needed and where to find it.

The program describes the process for qualifying staff, including the roles of classroom instruction, self-study and on-the-job training. It describes the sequence of such a program and the role of the qualification board. A country choosing to implement formal qualification can customize this program to their needs, including incremental implementation for cases where schedules are tight and resources are limited.