Research and Test Reactors


This workshop provides a general familiarity with non-power reactor designs, facilities, licensing, technical specifications, inspection requirements, and current regulatory issues related to research and test reactors (RTRs). It is modeled in part after the 1-week USNRC course R-106, “Research and Test Reactors.”


This workshop will cover the different RTR technologies, the purpose and utilization of RTRs, RTR regulation, regulatory reviews, inspections, and emergency planning. It will address all phases of RTR regulation including design, siting, construction, operation, license renewal, and decommissioning. The workshop will review the requirements and development of a facility Safety Analysis Report for a RTR as described in NUREG-1537. RTR emergency preparedness will be discussed including planning, training and action levels. Operator licensing will be reviewed in depth with respect to exam preparation, format and conduct. The workshop will focus on US regulations and guidance, including US codes and standards, but it will also discuss IAEA guidance. Aging issues at US RTRs will be discussed including remedial actions taken. Significant current events or violations that have occurred at US RTRs are reviewed with respect to cause, corrective actions taken and severity as appropriate.

Regulatory staff and management

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