Fundamentals of Reactor Regulation


This is an introductory course to provide developing regulatory agency with basic knowledge of the reactor regulatory activities.


“Fundamental of Reactor Safety and Regulations” is intended to provide an overview of the approach the USNRC takes to license a NPP, as well as basic concepts associated with NPP safety and regulation. During the week-long workshop, the instructors will provide instruction and exercises that focused on these areas. In regard to reactor safety, the workshop covers reactor safety strategy, how design basis accidents are postulated, and the safety systems and operator actions used to mitigate these accident scenarios. In regard to reactor licensing, the workshop covers the licensing process used by the USNRC to grant a construction permit for an NPP as well as the relevant IAEA guidance on the same topic. The workshop also covers other major licensing activities, safety culture, and specific topics of interest to the regulator in the country where the workshop is presented. During the workshop, the instructors will provide illustrative examples from USNRC experiences.

Regulatory staff

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