Mel Fields

Senior Consultant (AdSTM)
Core Competencies: 

uclear Engineer and senior project manager with over 40 years of experience in nuclear power plant licensing, inspection, and regulatory oversight. Extensive and in-depth understanding of U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC) regulations, related guidance and practices, and their implementation for nuclear power reactors. Proven track record in achieving resolution of high-profile, technically complex regulatory issues. Areas of expertise in nuclear power reactors include:

  • Reactor licensing project management
  • Reliability and Risk Analyst
  • Containment systems Analyst
  • 10 CFR Part 50 licensing regulations
  • Advanced reactors (AP1000 design)
  • 10 CFR Part 52 new reactor licensing
Career Highlights: 
Nuclear Power Plant Experience

Extensive experience with the regulatory requirements associated with licensing nuclear power plants (NPPs) in the United States (U.S.), both the existing nuclear fleet of operating NPPs as well as the new NPP construction.  As a consultant to the USNRC, Mr. Fields was actively involved in the licensing activities of the Westinghouse AP1000 design; specifically, the Vogtle Units 3 and 4.  During his 30+ years of nuclear engineering experience with the USNRC, he participated in every aspect of project management for operating nuclear power plants as well as NPPs under construction awaiting their operating license.  He served as the USNRC Project Manager for a number of operating NPPs, including Palo Verde and San Onofre; and for Comanche Peak, which was under final construction. As an USNRC technical engineer, he was involved in risk analysis of NPP systems, reviewed the adequacy and configuration of those systems important to maintaining the integrity of the containment, and evaluated the design adequacy of the emergency power systems and their support systems for a number of different plant designs.

Mr. Fields conducted USNRC sponsored workshops for regulatory bodies as part of the USNRC International Regulatory Development Partnership (IRDP). This has included workshops for nuclear regulatory authorities of Vietnam, Jordan, Romania, Thailand, the Forum of Nuclear Bodies in Africa and the Arab Atomic Energy Agency. The workshops have involved knowledge transfer of regulatory practices related to nuclear power plant design and construction codes, licensing practices, construction inspection, vendor inspection, equipment practical basics, and a simulated research reactor on-the-job inspection.

Mr. Fields manages a Project Management course, which provides instruction to USNRC Project Managers on all aspects of conducting licensing activities for both existing NPPs and the new NPPs under construction.  In addition to his management responsibilities, he also provides instruction in support of this coursework.

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Experience

Mr. Fields supported several IAEA sponsored activities.  In 2012, he participated in an IAEA sponsored meeting to develop the work plan for the preparation of exemplary material for workshops to strengthen technical and managerial competences of staff of the Regulatory Bodies.  Nine workshops were developed following this collaboration, which he was a principle author for the Workshop on Regulatory Inspection and Enforcement.  In addition, he was one of the presenters of this workshop in Turkey during May/June 2012 to Turkish nuclear regulator - TAEK. The purpose of this IAEA mission was to deliver specialized knowledge within the scheme of IAEA education and training programs with regard to inspection and enforcement activities. Presented during this mission was information on how the NRC conducts these activities for the construction phase of the nuclear power plant.

In August 2012, Mr. Fields participated in an IAEA review of two workshops prepared by the Pakistan nuclear regulator - PNRA ; Safety Regulations and Staffing of the Regulatory Body and Use of External Support. He provided recommendations for improvement that resulted in the modifications to the proposed workshops.

In 2013, Mr. Fields provided input to the IAEA Workshop on Development of Regulations and Implementing Guides, providing presentations on USNRC experiences on Development Process of Safety Regulations, Prioritization in Development of Safety Regulations and Involvement of Stakeholders.

In 2019, Mr. Fields participated in the IAEA workshop to discuss the draft IAEA Technical Document (TECDOC) publication entitled “Case Studies: Experiences of member States in Building a Regulatory Framework for the Oversight of New Nuclear Power Plants”; and to collect additional information insights from other member states’ experiences and practices.

Professional Development and Achievements: 

US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, numerous performance awards


MS – Mechanical Engineering – Catholic University of America – 1979
BS – Nuclear Engineering – University of Arizona – 1974