How to Manage a Regulatory Review


The purpose of this course is to provide a one-day high level perspective on the necessary attributes that must be in place to manage a regulatory review for the siting, safety review, construction and licensing of a nuclear power plant.


The course will provide executive decision makers the information that they will need to plan, manage, supervise and implement a program that results in the successful completion of a regulatory review needed to license a nuclear power plant. This course will include managing reviews for such topics as site application and preliminary safety analysis report reviews required for a construction permit and will include such topics as Project Management, Document Management, Human Resource Development, Staffing, Training and Qualification, Schedules, Resource Estimates, and the Review Process. The course will be an excellent tool that will allow for more detailed courses to be presented in tandem.

Senior regulatory management and government officials with limited time and availability to fully attend multiple day courses.

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