NRC staff and support contractors travelled to Yerevan, Armenia to present training and hold discussions with the Armenian Nuclear Regulatory Agency (ANRA). A three-day training course was presented on the requirements and guidance associated with reviewing an application for approval of a site for a nuclear power plant. The training was based on information contained in two generic documents previously developed by the IRDP: G-TR-S, “Reactor siting safety requirements,” and G-RG-S, “Reactor siting risk-informed review guide.” Topics covered in the training included natural and man-made...
IRDP sponsored a Nuclear Executive Workshop in Abuja, Nigeria for regulatory agencies of ten countries from throughout the African continent. The countries represented at the workshop are in various stages of developing a nuclear power capability. Many have been participating in the IAEA Milestone process, an approach in which a nation progresses systematically through stages of development toward eventual achievement of a nuclear power option.The workshop is designed to assist regulators in creating action plans to guide development of the capability to license and regulate nuclear power...
IRDP staff and contractors conducted a Nuclear Executive Workshop at the Hanoi offices of the Vietnam Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety (VARANS). The workshop included training sessions on regulatory agency structure; regulatory functions and activities; staffing; training and qualification programs. VARANS staff participated in “breakout” sessions where they could discuss options for developing their regulatory program. At the conclusion of the session, IRDP and VARANS management reached agreement on directions for cooperation in the coming year.
A paper describing the IRDP approach to development and implementation of a regulatory agency was presented at the ANS annual meeting in Atlanta. The paper described IRDP work in support of regulatory agencies in countries with emerging nuclear licensing programs. There was a great deal of interest and discussion on the part of attendees.
IRDP presented its first training session this month; a three-day program on site review at the Hanoi headquarters of the Vietnam Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety (VARANS). The content of the session mirrored the technical requirements and guidance contained in documents developed by the IRDP. Participants in the training consisted on management and staff of VARANS and a visitor from the National Nuclear Regulator (NNR) of South Africa.
NRC staff and contractors travelled to Hanoi for an initial meeting with the Vietnam Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety (VARANS). The two parties held extensive discussions about the implementation of a reactor regulatory program in Vietnam. The meeting was also attended by representatives from Armenia and Kazakhstan, and presentations were given regarding nuclear regulatory programs in those countries. At the conclusion of the meeting, the two parties agreed on future cooperative efforts on regulatory program development, training and technical support.
NRC staff and contractors visited Yerevan for an initial meeting with the Armenian Nuclear Regulatory Agency (ANRA). The discussions centered on the steps necessary for ANRA to develop an effective reactor licensing program, and the role the IRDP can play in supporting that effort. NRC Commissioner Peter Lyons also attended and participated in some of the discussion.