Site Review Training in Armenia

June 1st, 2010 — 

NRC staff and support contractors travelled to Yerevan, Armenia to present training and hold discussions with the Armenian Nuclear Regulatory Agency (ANRA). A three-day training course was presented on the requirements and guidance associated with reviewing an application for approval of a site for a nuclear power plant. The training was based on information contained in two generic documents previously developed by the IRDP: G-TR-S, “Reactor siting safety requirements,” and G-RG-S, “Reactor siting risk-informed review guide.” Topics covered in the training included natural and man-made hazards to plant safety and the assessment of emergency planning options. The training was led by staff involved in the development of those documents.

Discussions were held regarding the development of a licensing process for ANRA to use in the licensing of power reactors. The two organizations agreed to cooperate in the near term on a process based on the generic IRDP approach which is currently under development.

Discussions were also held on defining a technical approach to the assessment of seismic hazards. These were continuation of discussion held in the fall of 2009. Progress to date has been good, and plans were made for future cooperation between the two organizations.