RTR Workshop for IPEN in Peru

June 18th, 2016 — 

Under the IRDP program support, AdSTM delivered a RTR workshop to the Peruvian Nuclear Energy Institute (IPEN) from June 13-17, 2016. The audience was composed of IPEN regulators and one invited regulator from Bolivia. The activity was of interest to Peru due to their responsibilities as regulators of one research reactor located near the capital city of Peru. During the four days’ workshop, several topics from basic concepts to licensing and inspections of research reactors were widely discussed. The main goal of this workshop was to provide support to the Peruvian Regulatory Authority with key concepts involved in the regulatory process of research and test reactors. The audience demonstrated very good knowledge of the topics, which contributed to active exchange of ideas and opinions. A key topic for discussion was Peru`s concern about potential regulatory issues due to the aging process of their test reactor.

Ms. Geraldine Fehst, USNRC, and Mr.’s. Rich Holm, Mark Trump, Sergey Katsenelenbogen and Mario Rodriguez; supported and contributed to the success of the IRDP RTR Workshop.