RTR Inspector Workshop for IPEN in Peru

May 17th, 2017 — 

AdSTM instructors, Mr.’s Lawrence Kokajko and Rich Holm, delivered a Research and Test Reactor (RTR) Inspector workshop to the Peruvian Nuclear Energy Institute (IPEN) from May 8 – 12, 2017. Mr. Mario Rodriquez, AdSTM, provided Spanish translations and liaison expertise. In 2016, the IRDP program provided instruction on the RTR licensing process. The audience was composed of nuclear regulators from the Oficina Tecnica de la Autoridad Nacional – Instituto Peruano de Energia Nuclear (OTAN/IPEN), which has the responsibility to regulate Peru’s RTR’s. During the five-day workshop, the inspection procedures and methodology for conducting an inspection of a research reactor were widely discussed. The purpose of this workshop was to provide instruction and insights to the Peruvian regulator on how the NRC conducts an RTR inspection in the United States, and the implementing regulations to do so. The audience demonstrated very good knowledge of the topics, which contributed to active exchange of ideas and opinions. In addition to the classroom instruction, two-days were spent on-site at the RTR during which the IPEN inspectors conducted an inspection as the AdSTM instructors observed, and provided insights into the process and responded to questions, as needed.