Support to JNRC for Review of SAR for New Research and Training Reactor

March 28th, 2012 — 

From March 4-8, 2012, Morton Fleishman of AdSTM provided mentoring support to the staff of the Nuclear Safety and Security Division (NSSD) of the Jordan Nuclear Regulatory Commission (JNRC) in its review and evaluation of the Preliminary Safety Analysis Report (PSAR) for the Jordan Research and Training Reactor (JRTR). The NSSD staff is performing the evaluation of the PSAR in collaboration with the Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety (KINS). The PSAR was submitted for review and approval by the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC) who will own and operate the JRTR. The contractor responsible for the design and construction of the JRTR is a consortium (KDC) consisting of the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) and the Daewoo Engineering and Construction Company.

On March 8th, Mr. Fleishman was given a tour of the JRTR site at the Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) located about 45 miles north of Amman. He also visited the new Jordan subcritical assembly being built at JUST by China. The JRTR site showing its remote location

The trip concluded with a management meeting with Dr. Jamal Sharaf, Director General of the JNRC and his staff during which Mr. Fleishman thanked Dr. Sharaf both for the hospitality of his staff members and the forthrightness with which they discussed the technical aspects of the PSAR.