Siting Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya

June 27th, 2012 — 

From June 18-22, 2012, David Squarer and Richard Emch of AdSTM conducted a Siting Workshop for 34 people from the Office of the President, the Radiation Protection Board, the University of Nairobi/Institute, the National Council for Science and Technology, the Kenya Bureau of Standards, the National Environmental Management Authority, the Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute, the Meteorological Department of the Ministry of Environment and Mineral Services, and the Nuclear Energy Project Committee in Nairobi, Kenya. The training also included a discussion of the events at Fukushima to illustrate the importance of siting issues. The training was conducted at the Lenana Conference Center in Nairobi and was coordinated by Arthur Koteng, the Assistant Chief Radiation Protection Officer for the Radiation Protection Board of Kenya.

The government of Kenya has decided that nuclear power will be a necessary part of its future energy production to support planned economic growth. They hope to begin operation of the first nuclear reactor to generate 1,000 Megawatts of electricity by 2022. The Nuclear Energy Project Committee has been set up under the Nuclear Electricity Project to conduct a pre-feasibility study; the committee is examining issues such as infrastructure and has begun the site selection process. Also, a legislative bill has been drafted to establish a regulatory body for nuclear power.