The Asian Nuclear Safety Network (ANSN) was launched in 2002 to pool, analyze and share nuclear safety information, existing and new knowledge and practical experience among the countries. Moreover, the ANSN is expected to be a platform for facilitating sustainable regional cooperation and for creating human networks and cyber communities among the specialists of those countries. Development of a regional capacity building system composed of knowledge network, regional cooperation and human networks will serve for enhancement of nuclear safety infrastructures in the participating countries, and will serve eventually for ensuring and raising the safety levels of nuclear installations in the region. The ANSN has recently expanded to become a forum for broader safety strategy among countries in the region.

The current participating countries are Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Australia, France, Germany and the USA are ANSN supporting countries. Pakistan is an associate country in activities related to the safety of nuclear power plants and/or strengthening their regulatory frameworks.