Workshop on Safety and Security of NPPs in Warsaw, Poland

October 10th, 2010 — 

AdSTM staff members Richard Barrett and William Bateman were invited by the Nuclear Energy Department of the Polish Ministry of Economy to lecture on nuclear safety and security to an audience of over 50 government officials from several National and local agencies. The Polish government is currently considering the advisability and timing of a possible nuclear power program. Mr. Barrett and Mr. Bateman gave presentations on a wide range of topics including the legal framework of safety regulation; the phases of regulatory oversight; the functions and activities of a regulator; the conduct of inspection; the development of a construction inspection program and the implementation of an inspector qualification program.

Mr. Barrett and Mr. Bateman also met with management of the National Atomic Energy Agency (PAA). In addition to presenting an overview of the IRDP, the AdSTM staff members discussed possible avenues of future cooperation, including IRDP review of draft regulations; consultation on the hiring and training of reactor regulatory staff; the role of technical support organizations in the regulatory process; and classroom training on the review of site applications.