Nuclear Executive Workshop with the Kuwait National Nuclear Energy Committee (KNNEC), in coordination with DOE (NNSA)

May 20th, 2011 — 

From May 15-18, 2011, representatives of AdSTM and the Department of Energy (DOE/NNSA), conducted a Nuclear Executive Workshop in Kuwait City, Kuwait. Attending the workshop were members of KNNEC and several Kuwait Ministry representatives working to prepare the Kuwait governmental infrastructure to safely regulate the siting, construction, and operation of a nuclear power plant (NPP). While a decision to move ahead with an NPP has not yet been made in Kuwait , this workshop was held to assist Kuwait government organizations in their planning, including their human resource development and drafting of a legal regulatory framework. The Nuclear Executive Workshop is an interactive forum, led by AdSTM experts, to discuss developing all elements of a regulatory framework, staffing the regulatory organization, safety culture, training, and qualification. This workshop also included modules led by NNSA experts on safeguards regulatory activities.