Meetings with the Jordanian Nuclear Regulatory Commission to Develop Internal JNRC Procedures

September 7th, 2011 — 

On September 5 & 6, 2011, staff from AdSTM and the NRC conducted interactive working-level meetings with JNRC staff to discuss a proposed overall management system that is based on USNRC procedures as well as IAEA guidance documents (e.g., IAEA document GS-R-3 related to quality management systems). The proposed management system addresses Organization and Functions, Human Resources, Regulatory Processes, Financial Management and Procurement, Information Management, and External Interfaces (Volumes 1 through 6). The meeting focused on the “licensing” regulatory process in order to better understand the roles and responsibilities of the Nuclear Safety and Security Directorate (NSSD) project managers, and interfaces that the NSSD staff might have with other organizations within and outside JNRC. Priorities for developing procedures in other areas were identified. Mr. Eric Fries from the NRC’s Office of Enforcement made a presentation to JNRC staff on Safety Culture (i.e., both for the regulated industry and within the JNRC).