IRDP Consultation with the EMRC in Jordan

September 15th, 2017 — 

AdSTM conducted an IRDP consultation with the Jordanian Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission (EMRC) from September 13 to September 14, 2017, to provide assistance to them regarding their nuclear inspector qualification program. The consultation was conducted by Mr. Robert Gramm and Dr. Steven Reese. The main focus of the consultation was to evaluate the EMRC research reactor inspector qualification program and to provide recommendations for EMRC consideration to enhance the program. The consultation took place at the EMRC office in Amman, Jordan. It consisted primarily of a series of discussions with the responsible EMRC Directors for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Directorates, and a review of related EMRC qualification program documents. Following the on-site consultation, AdSTM will develop a report to capture a set of recommendations for improving the EMRC inspector qualification program, specifically focusing on RTR inspector qualifications. A detailed consultation report will be provided to EMRC management for their consideration.